Wanted: Curvy Ladies!

Maybe you want to explore your confidence...

Perhaps you want to see yourself the same way that your family and friends are always telling you.

Or maybe you just simply want to look and feel absolutely amazing and empowered!

We are searching for CURVY LADIES to photograph in our studio environment.


Are you looking for an experience to boost your confidence, are you wanting to show the world who you really are, or are you wanting to see what everyone else has been telling you for ages? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, and welcome to Rosie Button Photography — we are one of the top-rated photographers in Perth.

Our goal is to empower you to believe in yourself. We are here to help you become the person you really want to be. This will not only benefit you, but also improve all your relationships, strengthening those bonds with your friends and family.

Work with us, whether to celebrate or for a confident boost, your life will have more energy and excitement than ever before!

What Makes Us Different


Do you know we're even going to talk to your bestie? We want to know all that is wonderful and unique about you!


Since 2013 we have had over 1000 happy Clients, and they keep coming back for more!

Meet the Team


Your photographer is an expert in helping you relax and your artwork is premium archival quality - it will last up to 100 years in perfect conditions.

What They Say

“The experience was in part connecting with myself and allowing myself to show more of the "real me". This meant I was also showing my kids that it is OK to be who you really are, that you; completely as you are RIGHT NOW, are enough. That it's OK (and in fact bloody brilliant) to celebrate yourself and let your light shine"


“I had so much fun with my session. The girls were welcoming, open to my ideas and made me feel and look gorgeous. The album and artwork I ordered were amazing. Great quality and look fabulous in my place. My hubby's reactions were priceless so thanks for all your great work."


“It is a day I’ll never forget and so glad I made the choice to have this experience for myself and with my mum after also. I look upon these photos now and have even more appreciation for the woman I am and the body I cherish.”


“I had been given a life changing medical diagnosis and been stuck at home for 6 months, I didn’t know what the future held but knew I needed to reconnect with myself and step out of my comfort zone to keep moving forward and face the challenges! My session with you and subsequent artwork, gave me and continues to give me, so much happiness and strength! The best decision I could have made at that time and so grateful to you ladies.”


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